New Years Resolution

A week ago the world became a year older and as a part of the holiday custom, we all made our personal New Year’s Resolutions. Well, if you’re a millennial like me, or maybe simply a human living in the post-modern era (I’m pretty sure that’s how we call it these days) you have probably made at least one promise to yourself to be less angry and frustrated. Whether if it’s by spending more time doing things you love rather than chores, spending more time with your family and close friends and generally limiting your exposure to stressful atmospheres.

Well if you’re somewhat like me, you probably want to be less prone to road rage. Because it’s simply annoying to sit like a duck behind the wheel and feel like the world is falling apart because some jerk stopped in the middles of the street to… wait a second, now that I think about it… It was a mother and her young baby… They probably didn’t mean to ruin my day like that. Well, being trapped in our modern horseless wagons (or cars, as we call them) makes us incapable of communicating our thoughts and feelings on the road and it certainly does not serve us well as a society that relies heavily on inter-personal communication.

Driving is such a huge part of our life. As depicted beautifully in this (don’t know who to credit) info-graphic, we spend 4.3 years of our lives driving in our cars, and all this time we have no way to share our thoughts with the drivers around us and no way of knowing what our road-mates have on their minds.

Well, now we have the chance to change that.

My family and I came up with OTOTOK to fill the lonely gap that is generated by our cars. We want drivers all around the world to rediscover each other as people. The simple gesture of thank you, sorry or please can go a whole lot of miles in making the road more pleasant. We want you to be able to express yourselves on the road.

Let us help you become your voice on the road!

Want to merge into a crammed lane?

Ask nicely to.


Blinded by the high beam lights behind you?

Ask politely to lower them.