First Words

About two years ago my family and I went on a trip to visit relatives up north. As typical for these type of long drives, we got stuck in traffic and night started to fall. And for the millionth time in his life my dad was blinded by the driver behind because he didn’t remember to cancel his high-beam lights. He got angry as usual. Started grumbling about how people should be more considerate on the road and how human interaction on the road is reduced to honks and hand signals. Hand signals never work and honking is simply horrible. It’s a single monotonic noise that is never comprehended as the honker intended.

Honks are never appreciated….


My brother didn’t understand. He asked our father “why don’t you send him a message with some kind of sign?”. My father thought about it and replied with the only answer any parent thinks of when his kid asks about things he doesn’t understand: “Well son.. It’s complicated.” My young brother is a curious and he didn’t give up. He kept asking and nagging. So my father played the next card and said he’ll look it up later. But when he actually looked it up he was amazed by the amount of content that’s out there about road rage that is caused by the lack of what’s called sometimes in professional jargon “micro-expressions”. So he took the idea a step forward and tried solving a this problem by putting up a LED sign on the back window of our car. To his surprise there was not a single product on the web that catered to this issue.

All the flashy LED signs that were out there involved programming through a physical connection to a pc and controlling them with an out-dated infra-red remote. The market was in general mainly aimed at shop signs. Nothing was plug and play style.


An example of for a commercially available LED sign. Courtesy of eBay.


One time when we gathered around the dinner table my father started talking about inventing a sign that we could send messages to via Bluetooth. He has plenty of experience in the tech industry and we thought this thing can really change something.
So we registered a patent, bought parts and started developing a prototype.

After a few months, like hearing a baby speak for the first time, we finally saw the first words on the LED screen our very first OTOTOK prototype.

Our very first test run!

Today we are glad to have a functioning prototype that serves as a proof of concept for this product. We put a lot of work into it and to tell the truth we are only getting started.

In short. Our goal is to make the road a more peaceful, graceful, harmonious and most importantly safer by making it more human.

We wish to extend an invitation to join us in this journey. Let us know what you think. Anything we should take into consideration? Any questions? Share your voice! One day it will be on the road.

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